Albums produced (P) and/or engineered (E) by Paul Mills: 

Album Title Artist Year
This Boat That I Built With My Father Paul & Trevor Mills 2017
Old Cradled Moon (PE) Rob Young 2017
Dream With Me (PE) Moore & McGregor 2016
With Knowing Eyes (PE) Beverlie Robertson 2016
"Calla's Waltz" (PE) Jed Marum 2016
"Sea Fever" (PE) Scallywag 2016
"Leighton Life" (PE) Tom Leighton 2015
"Down the Horseshoe Valley Road" (PE) Anne Walker 2015
"Passing Them On" (PE) Bram Morrison 2015
"So Lucky" (PE) The Lucky Sisters 2015
"Fraser & Girard" (PE) Fraser & Girard 2015
"It's Never Too Late" (PE) Bernie Sheridan 2014
"Big Adventure" (PE) Paul Bela Ray 2014
"I've Got a Song" (PE) Wanda Stride 2014
"Roseberry Road" (PE) Shelley Posen 2014
"Only Time Will Tell" (PE) Rob Young 2013
"Thicker Than Water" (PE) Bob Spelled Backwards 2013
"Banjo Suite 2 - Further Explorations" (PE) Paul Odegaard 2013
"Always There" (PE) Terry Kelly 2013
"Lost No More" (PE) Allan Rankin 2013
"In the Green Room" (PE) Samantha Robichaud 2013
"Everything is Moving" (PE) Laura Smith 2013
"Rolling Home" (PE) Relative Harmony 2012
"Rise Above" (PE) Crabtree&Mills 2011
"Oilskins and Jumpers" (PE) Tom MacDonald 2011
"Bluebird Motel" (PE) Rob Young 2011
"Voices" (PE) Rosalee Peppard 2011
"Propensity For Joy" (PE) Al Parrish 2011
"Leighton Tendencies" (PE) Tom Leighton 2010
"Little Crazy Quilt" (PE) Cathy Miller 2010
"Drive" (PE) Philip Brown 2010
"Stealing Genius" (PE) Ron Hynes 2010
"Welcome to Lawrenceville" (PE) Susan Lawrence 2010
"The Very Best of Stan Rogers" (P) Stan Rogers 2010
"Sweet Transitions" (PE) Naming the Twins 2010
"A Mighty Fine Day" (PE) Poor Tom 2010
"The Cannonsburg Sessions" Conklin Céilí Band 2009
"Collected" (PE) Samantha Robichaud 2009
"Bridges" (PE) Richard Rachals 2009
"Golden Reflections" (PE) Mike Yale 2009
"My Stars Your Eyes" (E) James Gordon 2009
"North land" (PE) Rodney Brown 2009
"Sands of Aberdeen" (PE) Jed Marum 2008
"Labyrinth" (PE) Anne Walker 2008
"Freedom" (PE) Crabtree&Mills 2008
"The Skin I'm In" (PE) Dave Hadfield 2008
"Sounds For Fun" (PE) Sharon Hampson 2008
"Winter Hymn" (PE) Phillip Brown 2008
"Freedom" (PE) Crabtree & Mills 2008
"Constant Hill" (PE) Rob Young 2008
"Return Ticket" (PE) Sarah Burnell 2008
"Field of Stars - Volume 2" (PE) Various 2008
"In the Middle of This" (PE) Stewed Roots 2008
"Trail Mix" (PE) Richard Rachals 2008
"All Around the Circle" (PE) The Celtic Rathskallions 2007
"Just Another Day" (PE) Dan McKinnon 2007
"Menorah" (PE) Shelley Posen 2007
"Dusty Ol' Denim" (PE) Glen Reid 2007
"Going Places" (PE) The MusiGo Kids 2007
"Sweet Necessity"(PE) Irish Mythen 2007
"Another Life" (PE) Lenore 2007
"Flight of Fancy" (PE) Crabtree & Mills 2007
"Finally Home" (PE) Delores Boudreau 2006
"Bring Back the Music" (PE) Bill Houston 2006
"Changing the World One Song at a Time" (PE) Common Thread Community Chorus 2006
"In the Heart of a Quilt" (PE) Cathy Miller 2006
"Fallen Me" (PE) Irish 2006
"Cowboy Goodbyes" (PE) Rob Young 2006
"Sarah'ndipity" (PE) Sarah Burnell 2006
"Canoesongs, Volume II" (PE) Various 2006
"Ron Hynes" (PE) ECMA Winner -  Male Vocalist of the Year Ron Hynes 2006
"The Other Side of the Glass" (PE) Paul Mills 2006
"Pleads the Fifth" (PE) Coyote Run 2005
"Tend the Fire" (PE) Coyote Run 2005
"Songs of Faith & Hope" (PE) Susan Trump 2005
"The Road to Santiago" (PE) Heather Dale 2005
"Some Things You Do For Love" (PE) Carol Teal & David Joyce 2005
"Letting Go of the Weight of the World" (E) Terry Young 2005
"Fields of Dreams & Glory" (PE) Dan McKinnon 2005
"Always Remember These Days" (PE) Hardtack & Harmony 2005
"Field of Stars" (PE) Various 2005
"Miles From Home" (PE) Jed Marum 2005
"Olde Tyme Christmas" (PE) Terry Kelly 2004
"A Quilter's World" (PE) Cathy Miller 2004
"Old Lovers" (PE) Paul Chaput 2004
"5 O'clock Shadow" (PE) Rob Ritchie 2004
"From the Heart" (PE) Jim Hanlon 2004
"Legacy" (PE) Rosalee Peppard 2004
Canoesongs, Volume 1 (PE) Various 2004
"Acoustic Workshop" (PE) Rick Fielding 2004
"Manna" (PE) Shelley Posen 2003
"Girl in a Crazy World" (PE) Nonie Crete 2003
"Don't Hold Back" (PE) Coyote Run 2003
"360 Degrees" (PE) Tom Lewis 2003
"Down to Earth" (PE) Alien Folk Life 2003
"Boomerang" (PE) - ECMA Nominee! Troy MacGillivray 2003
"Captured Alive" (PE) Tanglefoot 2003
"Live at the Ugly Mug Cafe" (E) Sirens 2003
"Get Back Change" (PE) - ECMA Winner - Album of the Year! Country Album of the Year! Ron Hynes 2003
"Karaoke Cowboy" (PE) Trevor Mills 2003
"Celtic Tenor" (PE) Tom MacDonald 2002
"The Soul of a Wanderer" (PE) Jed Marum 2002
"Northwind" (PE) Aengus Finnan 2002
"A Quilter's Embrace" (PE) Cathy Miller 2002
"Songs From Turtle Island" (PE) Ron Nigrini 2002
"Agnes on the Cowcatcher" (PE) Tanglefoot 2002
"Little Women - the Musical" (PE) Original Cast recording 2002
"The Power of the Dream" (PE) - ECMA Winner! Terry Kelly 2002
"Dog Man Don't Cat Man Do" (E) Danny Bakan 2001
"All The Good Times" (PE) Joanne Hindley Smith Crabtree 2001
"No Place Like Home" (PE) Rosalee Peppard 2001
"Rigodon - Chantons!" (PE) Andrea Haddad & various artists 2001
"Coyote Run" (PE) Coyote Run 2001
"Lately" (PE) Joy Norman 2001
"The Chase" (PE) David Rogers 2001
"Salt Over My Shoulder" (PE) Tony Latimer 2001
"No Money No Makeup" (PE) Lorraine McDonald 2000
"Banjo Suite" (PE) Paul Odegaard 2000
"First Annual Concert" (PE) Common Thread Community Chorus 2000
“Stan Rogers – A Matter of Heart” (PE)    Cast Recording  2000
“Simple Pleasures” (PE)                       Carol Teal & David Joyce  2000
“The Judique Flyer” (E)                     Buddy MacMaster  2000
“Verchuosity” (PE)                       April Verch  2000
“Don Messer’s Violin” (P)                   Frank Leahy  2000
“Tunes Until Dawn“ (PE)                       David Greenberg  1999
Smilin’” (E)                        The Sirens  1999
“This One’s The Dreamer” (E)              Rick Fielding  1999
“Fool’s Gold” (PE)                       Aengus Finnan  1999 
“Seems to Me” (PE)                     Bill Garrett  1999
“Full-Throated Abandon” (PE)         Tanglefoot 1999
“Return of the Wanderer” (PE)    Puirt a Baroque  1998
“My Roots are Showing” (E) - ECMA & Juno Winner!  Natalie MacMaster  1998
“Stones” 1 cut (P)        Gordie Sampson  1998
“Earthlings” (PE)                       Jim Layeux  1998
“When I Say I Do” (P)                        Cyril MacPhee  1998
“Silly & Sweet” (P)                      Sharon, Lois & Bram  1998
“Friends Forever” (P)                      Sharon, Lois & Bram  1998
“Skinnamarink TV Singalong” (P) - Juno Winner!  Sharon, Lois & Bram  1998
“On Foundry Street” (PE)                      Wally MacAulay  1997
“Another Morning” (PE)                       J.(P). Cormier  1997
"Celtic Connection" (P) The Celtic Connection 1996
“A Far Cry From Leaving” 3 cuts (P)           Terry Kelly  1996
“Time Lines” (PE)                       Tranby Croft  1996
“Wondering How You Are” (PE)                 Lorraine McDonald  1995
“Wonderful World” (PE)                    Rick & Judy 1991
“Great Big Hits” (P)                       Sharon, Lois & Bram  1990
“Family Album” (P)                       Rick & Judy  1989
“Happy Birthday” (P)                     Sharon, Lois & Bram  1989
“Land Of The Silver Birch” (P)              Rick & Judy  1988
“A,B,C’s”  (P)                    Sharon, Lois & Bram  1987
"Scatter the Ashes" Muddy York 1987
“Stay Tuned” (P)                    Sharon, Lois & Bram  1987
“Elephant Show Record” (P)                 Sharon, Lois & Bram  1986
"The Pat Paget Project" Various Artists 1986
“Come On In” (P)                    Eric Nagler  1986
“Mainly Mother Goose” (P)                        Sharon, Lois & Bram  1985
“1,2,3, Live” (P)                    Sharon, Lois & Bram  1984
“Harbour Grace” (PE)                     Rick & Judy  1984
"Freeborn Man" (P) John Allan Cameron 1983
"Available Space" (P) Available Space 1983
“Fiddle Up A Tune” (P)                    Eric Nagler  1983
“From Fresh Water” (PE)                      Stan Rogers  1982
"Roseville Fair" (P) Wendy Grossman 1982
"Atlantic Fiddling" (P) Various Artists 1982
“Atlantic Fiddling” (PE)                       Various Artists  1981
"First Impressions" (P) Fred Lavery 1981
"Bruce Murdoch" (P) Bruce Murdoch 1981
"The Best of Touch the Earth" (P) Various Artists  1980
“The Jarvis Benoit Quartet” (PE)              Jarvis Benoit Quartet  1980
“With Her Head Tucked Underneath Her Arm”  (PE)      Caryl P. Weiss  1980
”First Impressions” (P)                   Fred Lavery  1980 
 “Unexplored Territory” (P)                    The Canadian Brass  1980
"Bill Garrett" (PE) Bill Garrett 1979
“North West Passage” (PE)                 Stan Rogers  1979
“Freeborn Man” (PE)                         John Allan Cameron  1979
"Roseville Fair" (PE) Wendy Grossman 1979
"Unmasked" (PE) Grit Laskin 1978
“Live - Between the Breaks”      (PE)           Stan Rogers  1977
Tom Kelly Sings Wayne Pronger Tom Kelly 1976
“Turnaround” (PE)                       Stan Rogers  1976
"Star Begotten" Various 1975
“Good Luck Boy” (P)                       Raffi 1974
“Fogarty’s Cove” (PE)                       Stan Rogers  1974
"All Star Jazz in Concert" Various 1974
 “Canadiana Suite” (P)                    Oscar Peterson/ Phil Nimmons  1973