The Millstream Photo Album

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Moore & McGregor recording at The Millstream.  Here's Wendy Moore laying down a beautiful English horn track. And her partner Arthur McGregor hard at work on guitar.
Jed with one of my favorite fiddlers - again a Londoner - Shane Cook Anne Walker and her beautiful daughters Erica and Katie
Jed Marum returns for yet another album - in London this time Jed with one of my favourite bass players - London's own Joe Phillips
Marianne Girard laying down a great vocal. Allan Fraser doing a guitar overdub.
The new studio setup at my London home And the first project - Fraser and Girard! Allan Fraser and Marianne Girard have formed an exciting new duo and I'm honored to be producing their first album!
Grandaughter Kelly and neighbor Katerina add some percussion! Laura Smith recording at The Millstream
Laura with Wendy and Lennie Solomon The string quartet
Laura Smith and Tony McManus rehearsing Tony McManus with the Manzer "Pikasso" guitar.
Rosalee Peppard back for her third project at The MIllstream.  The dulcimer's a nice new touch! Listening to the playback
Al Parrish performing live at The Registry Theater in Kitchener. And The Millstrteam was there to capture it live.
Tom MacDonald in From Nova Scotia to record his second album with us. This time - MORE COWBELL! The Lenny Solomon String Quartet added a nice touch of class to the procedings.
Cathy Miller returns to The Millstream for her 5th Quilting CD - her 4th with us!  She seems to be enjoying what she's hearing! What a great singer Cathy is!
Phil Brown listens while Paul mixes.  Phil is back for his second project with us. Phil Brown at the console.
Rob and Kathleen - Naming the Twins - join Paul for some clapping along on the song "Gypsy Feast". Tom Leighton and Paul working out parts for the Naming the Twins CD.
Tony Burns lays down some hot uke tracks for Susan Lawrence's CD The Woods Chorus lends their voices to Susan's CD.
Samantha Robichaud kicks up her heals at the Millstream! Al Cross laying down the grove on Samantha's record.
Anne Walker delivers a moving vocal. Anne Walker recording with her two daughters.
The Millstream snowed in - March 9, 2008 Dennis Pendrith, Steve Briggs and Al Cross laying down bed tracks for Rob Young's second CD at The Millstream
Rob Young seems to be enjoying himself.  Well he IS back here for the second time! A great new singer-songwriter, Phil Brown recording at The MIllstream with Jason Fowler and David Woodhead.
Dave Hadfield here to record his newest CD Paul Mills (or is it Curly Boy Stubbs) overdubbing a part on a Dave Hadfield song.
Dave's brother, astronaut Chris Hadfield drops in for a guest appearance singing one of his own songs. Dave Hadfield checking out the results.
Jeff Hale, one half of the group "Stewed Roots", is primed to deliver some killer vocals! Neva Tesolin, the other half of "Stewed Roots" loves her work...can't you tell?
Cathy Miller settles in to The Millstream for her fourth CD of songs about quilting. It's the third one she's done with us! Must be something she likes about this place! Anne Lindsay brought the nyckelharpa that she plays in the Lord of the Rings musical to the studio so we could hear its wonderful and exotic sound.  What a treat!
Famed songwriter from Thunder Bay, Bill Houston in 
The Millstream making his latest CD
Newfoundland singer-songwriter legend, Ron Hynes returns for his second album at The Millstream.
Paul Mills in Virginia recording a CD for Coyote Run - working on some parts with Mick Mikula The Virginia sessions - setting up for Coyote Run's new percussionist, Catherine Hauke

Mountain dulcimer virtuoso Susan Trump drops in from Albany,  New York to make a CD.

The "Woods Chorale" adding some sweet singing to Carol Teal & David Joyces CD.

Debashis Sinha laying down some pretty mean percussion tracks for Heather Dale's recording.

Deb teaching Heather Dale the parts

Dan McKinnon from Halifax recording a guitar track for his new CD, "Fields of Dreams & Glory".

Jed Marum back from Texas for a second CD

Jim Hanlon drops in from Bahrain to finally finish his CD!

Metis singer/songwriter Paul Chaput and guitarist extraordinare Jason Fowler.

Sharon, Lois & Bram rehearse with Natalie MacMaster

And then with Denny Doherty!

Paul Mercer of Alien Folk Life lays some guitar tracks.


The "Canadian Enclave" choir singing along with Coyote Run

Coyote Run with Wendy Solomon

Gabe Stone from Coyote Run playing tuba.

Nonie Crete layin' it down!

David Woodhead layin' it on! (with Al Cross)

Trevor Mills listening

Wendy Solomon playing

Beyond The Pale recording with Shelley Posen

Recording the Common Thread Community Chorus (with Grit Laskin)

Steve Ritchie (Tanglefoot) mixing the live CD

Nova Scotia's Terry Kelly

Terry doing some harmonies with Jeff Healey

Newfoundland's Joy Norman with fiddler Don Reed

Aengus Finnan and Joy do a duet

Rick Fielding recording with Tony Trishka

Fiddler April Verch does a track with Chris Coole

L to R Dougie MacPhee, Kate Dunlay, David Greenberg

Tanglefoot tackles some group vocals

Tom Leighton on the bodhran

Cathy Miller whips the backup singers into shape!

Paul with Jed Marum and their "arsenal"

Jed Marum listening to a playback