Studio Equipment:

Recording System:
The Millstream operated with a Pro Tools 9 HD system in conjunction with  a Ramsa DA7 digital console with 16 inputs, 32 channels, 6 aux sends with full four-band parametric EQ and dynamics (compressor, limiter, gate) on each channel.  The board was fully automated with moving faders. Automation covers faders, mutes, EQ, sends, & dynamics. All recording and some mixing is done in the Pro Tools system, but final mixes were done through the digital console leading to a more open sound than mixes done entirely "in the box".

Yamaha MSP10 powered monitors, Yamaha NS10 monitors, Realistic bookshelf monitors
Neumann TLM103 
Neumann KM184 (2) 
AKG C1000
AKG D112
AT 4050
AT 4060 tube mic
AT 4041
ATM 25
SM57 (2)
Peavy 535
Astatic dynamic
PLUS access to a wide array of vintage microphones
The main mic preamps were in an eight-channel unit, the Yamaha HA8.  This unit was completely refurbished with premium capacitors and op-amps and yields a smooth, transparent sound with incredible depth.  The Ramsa DA7 was also equipped with 8 high-quality mic pre-amps We also have an Avalon VT737sp mic preamp equipped with compressor and 4-band EQ.  To put it simply - this unit sounds GREAT.  It's used to great effect on vocals in particular!
The True Systems P2analog two-channel mic preamp features wonderful transparent sound with great depth and enhanced features for stereo micing.

Signal Processors:
Lexicon PCM91 Digital Reverberator (even greater sounding hall and room reverbs!)

Drawmer M-Clock master clock generator

One Alesis Type II 20-bit recorder.    
Tascam CD-RW750 CD recorder
Computer, Software: Instruments:
Sweetwater Creation Station XT  
Audio software used includes Protools HD 9, Steinberg's  Wavelab 7, Steinberg's Mastering Edition, Waves Renaissance plug-ins, Waves mastering software, Waves Platinum Bundle, Antares Auto-tune, 
Laskin 6 & 12-string acoustic guitars
Flamenco/classical guitar
Gretsch Electromatic electric guitar
Martin backpacker guitar - hi string
Line 6 Spider IV 30 guitar amp
Line 6 POD guitar amp simulator/processor
Kentucky mandolin
Gold Tone "White Lady" style 5-string banjo
Paul Beard  resophonic guitar
Hoffner soprano ukulele
Baritone ukelele
Oscar Schmidt Autoharp with exchangeable bars
Oscar Schmidt autoharp (regular)
Artley clarinet
Roland RS5 synthesizer
Boss Dr. Rhythm DR770 drum machine
Various percussion instruments including a Remo djembe, dumbek, Caribbean drum, shakers, tambourines, cowbell, triangle, bell tree, thumb piano, etc.