The Studio:

The Millstream is producer Paul Mills' home studio and recently relocated in a quiet suburb of London Ontario.  Most of the pictures on this site were taken during projects at our Toronto location but we are anticipating many more projects originating in our new London quarters and we'll be posting pictures along the way. 

It's a comfortable space that lacks the usual pressures of conventional recording studios.  When we are recording, the entire house can be used: i.e. different musicians in different rooms for isolation and different acoustics.  The main studio room contains all of the equipment and is used also for overdubbing.  No glass separates the recording space from the engineer/producer so communication is quick and effective.  The room has a pleasant neutral acoustic.  For musicians in different rooms, closed circuit television allows for visual contact. 

The equipment covers all of the basic essential requirements and has been chosen to provide the best quality natural sound.  The finest quality microphones and mic preamps ensure pristine reproduction. The Millstream is about recording acoustic music as faithfully as possible.